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Landing Page Using AIDA System

When someone already has the intention to buy, but because reading the explanation offered is too convoluted, so the potential buyer changes his mind, hesitates and leaves.

Landing pages are a solution to this problem, so that the products or services offered look professional and more valuable.

Landing Page

A landing page is a website page that is intentionally set with a display that provides product information briefly, concisely and clearly, aiming to arouse the desire to buy visitors so that they make purchases directly on the website.

However, my friend should not be mistaken in composing the verses in making a landing page, so that it looks neat and professional.

The landing page must be structured with several formulas to be neatly and professionally arranged, here are some explanations of the landing page using the AIDA system.


Attracting the attention of visitors is the first thing that is right so that if you get their attention, they will continue to read.


The second step is to generate visitor interest in the products that you offer, so that there is a desire to buy.


The next step my friend needs to provide the information visitors need to develop their desire to buy.


Lastly, you want visitors to take an action to buy by adding an action button like "Buy" at the end of the landing page.


Creating a landing page depends on the creativity and creation of each person in offering their products or services with the aim of making them appear more unique, elite, and professional.

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